Project Proposal

Synopsis ‘Redundant-Proof’ is an interactive documentary which explores the sometimes extreme measures that individuals have to go to in order to remain relevant at work as their industries evolve with technology. The stories explored celebrate the ingenuity and creativity of forward-looking individuals who are faced with the threat of redundancy and overcome it. Outline of … Continue reading Project Proposal

Introductory Video

Upon entering the project through the ‘Enter’ landing page, viewers will watch a short, minute-long introductory video before getting to the homepage of the drawing of the desk. The video will be minimalist and establish the hand-drawn theme, using the hand drawn whiteboard style to introduce research and statistics about redundancy, followed by testimonials from … Continue reading Introductory Video

Possible Interview Questions

Interviews with individuals willing to participate would be held in a place that would allow for the most comfort to the participant, to help them open up and be more honest about their methods for making themselves redundant-proof. In order to create a better user experience for the project’s visitors, sound (and potential video) quality … Continue reading Possible Interview Questions


Defining Redundant: In linguistics, ‘redundant’ refers to excess characterised by similarity or repetition (Merriam-Webster 2019): for example, in the sentence ‘she is a single, unmarried woman’, the word unmarried is unnecessary or superfluous, because it is adding information that is not needed. In business, the same concept of ‘not being needed’ is implied, though in … Continue reading Research

Wireframe of structure

Structure based on a concentric narrative, with all pages orbiting around and stemming from the central home page (desk), allowing viewers to choose which object they click and explore, while still returning to home. No connection or links between individual threads, requires viewers to return to the original page in order to explore a different … Continue reading Wireframe of structure

Interface Design

I really like the idea of a minimalist, object-based design interface that allows the stories and actions of individuals come through and shine. I’m taking inspiration from two online projects: Hey Stranger, What’s On Your Phone, a people-based project that explores what each individual is doing on their phone at one time, and Soldier Brother, … Continue reading Interface Design

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